Offshore QA & Development


Business Challenge

For any Small Medium Business or ISV trying to outsource for the first time, QA Outsourcing is a logical first step. Though all Product companies and IT departments of SMBs understand the importance of testing software applications before rollout, they are faced with the constant challenge of lack of resources or budgets. Quality & testing often take a back seat for these very same reasons.

Even if organizations acknowledge the benefits of outsourcing and are inclined to do so, IP Protection is a critical issue which they fear about when it comes to outsourcing software development.

Outsourcing QA-Testing activities is an answer to both the above issues and also ensures that applications are rolled out with best quality and zero defects. Outsourcing the testing phases of an application or a product enables companies to protect & not share their code with a new vendor. Only functional portions of the product or application are exposed in most cases.

Oriontek Value Proposition

  • Experience in offering a variety of QA-Testing services (Automated testing, Manual testing, Regression testing, Functional Testing, Load testing, Performance testing etc).
  • Flexibility to offer Onsite or Offsite or Offshore testing.
  • Senior QA-Engineers, Test Leads available in-house.
  • Comprehensive documentation & versioning processes to ensure highest quality in reporting of bugs & managing test cases.
  • Scalable testing model, customizable for each client engagement.
  • Onsite system study coupled with offshore based ongoing testing process reduce testing & QA costs by more than 40%.