Strategic Offshore Transition


Based on our experience of successfully executing several thousand person-days of projects in a global delivery model, Oriontek is well poised to offer transitionary consulting services for companies that are looking to move to a global delivery model. We lay a lot of emphasis on project coordination and communication channels with our clients in US though majority of the development activities happen from our center in India(Vijayawada).

Oriontek recommends a high-level of US-based coordination between our Project Managers and Customers for all communication-intensive phases of any project. We typically consult our clients based on the following O-3 Model of Project Delivery. This unique model provides our customers with the best of both worlds as far as outsourcing of projects is concerned - " Local Accountability coupled with cost benefits of Offshore Delivery". All of Oriontek's SMB / ISV customers are highly appreciative of this unique model which gives them the convenience and comfort which historically has been enjoyed only by large US corporations