SDLC Consulting Services


Software Development Life Cycle models describe phases of software development and the order in which those phases are executed. There are several models, but all have very similar patterns. Oriontek understands the practical applicability and success rate of particular models against a set of client requirements and project scope. We have the experience and knowledge to provide suggestions to our clients on the best model suitable for their requirement, if needed.

Collaborative consulting with our clients on the SDLC model, design processes and project milestones is extremely critical for project success. Our customers are highly appreciative of the fact of Oriontek providing a 'consultative approach' to mutual deliverables and expectaions, so as to ensure SDLC process adherence by all parties. Our customers are an integral part of the SDLC life cycle. Therefore, we provide numerous work-in-progress check points and interim demos, even though it increases the operational and project management overheads for Oriontek. Those clients of Oriontek (ISVs / SMBs) that are trying the offshore model for the first time are especially appreciative of this feature.

We ensure that all our projects typically follow the below set of activities (as applicable). All check points, deliverables, feedback etc. for each entry point and exit point of the stages are well documented and seamlessly integrated with Oriontek's Collaborative Project Management Portal (to which even clients have access).

  • Project Initiation
  • System Study
  • System Analysis
  • Preparation/Approval of Software Requirement Specifications (SRS)
  • High Level Design & Low Level Design
  • Development & Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Independent Quality Testing
  • Delivery & Installation
  • User Acceptance Testing and Support
  • Training & Acceptance

Orientek specializes in executing projects in any of the following SDLC models.

  • General Life Cycle Model
  • Waterfall model
  • V-Shaped model
  • Incremental model
  • Spiral model