Web 2.0

WEB 2.0

Oriontek extensively uses and propogates Web 2.0 to its clients. Web 2.0 Technologies such as weblogs (blogs), social bookmarking, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds (and other forms of many-to-many publishing), social software, web application programming interfaces (APIs) and online web services are being used by Orientek in various forms for internal and external projects. Web 2.0 also relates to a transition of some websites from isolated information silos to interlinked computing platforms that function like locally-available software in the perception of the user. Web 2.0 also includes a social element where users generate and distribute content, often with freedom to share and re-use. This can allegedly result in a rise in the economic value of the web as users can do more online.

Oriontek uses Ajax and Flash extensively in most of its Web-application projects and propagates Ajax technology to its clients. Many of the applications built by Oriontek are Rich Internet Applications primarily using Ajax and Flash.

We are executing several projects for our customers in open source platforms like PHP, MySQL, Python etc. and use several open source applications for our internal management like Mantis etc. Oriontek also has extensive expertise in technologies like Perl.

For more information on our Ajax / Flash or Open Source capabilities, please mail ajax_opensource_services@orientekinc.com.